August’s Session – Managing the Complexities of Stakeholder Engagement

How do you engage with stakeholders in complex projects in which you have a wide diversity of stakeholders and where each of them can be impacted in such different ways?

Come join us at PMiA in August when Ryan Hastie from Wodonga Council will share some of his experiences in dealing with complex projects and stakeholders in his work as Business Engagement Facilitator.

Ryan will explain some of the challenges he has had, his approach to meeting those challenges and the results of those outcomes in difficult situations.

Guest Speakers: Ryan Hastie


Ryan has been the Business Engagement Facilitator for Wodonga Council for two years, assisting the Council during significant commercial development and infrastructure works to revitalise the Central Business Area. This work has included new retail precincts, reconstruction of existing roads, creation of new roads and works to improve pedestrianisation.

Prior to his current role, Ryan worked at RSM as an Accountant/Advisor. Ryan has a distinguished background of working with a range of different stakeholders in a variety of industries and has brought those developed skills to his job at Wodonga Council with great success.

Ryan is an experienced business advisor with a demonstrated history of working with SMEs. Skilled in business improvement using strategic planning, sales, direct marketing & financial reporting analysis.

Date: August 26th, 2019
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: ChamberHub – Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce
Register: Click here