Monday, September 28th

Topic: Project Team Resilience

Given the current and likely future challenges associated with COVID-19, it is anticipated that many employees are currently experiencing, and will continue feeling a sense of uncertainty about the future.  Any resulting unmanaged stress can quickly turn to dis-stress and subsequently lower morale, trust and impact safe, on-the-job productivity.

The webinar design will highlight the leadership, team and individual skills to help people be more effective in times of uncertainty and change.  Underpinning the topic will be researched neuroscience, tools and techniques that individuals and leaders can apply in anticipation of, or during stressful/challenging events.  The webinar will also provide strategies that can be applied at home.

The webinar will utilise a series of interactive polling questions to engage the audience and provide resource handouts.

Guest Speaker: Mark Vollmer

Joining us virtually from Brisbane, Mark has extensive international experience in Organisational Performance in corporate and government sectors. His key skills are in Leadership, Project Team Effectiveness, Performance Diagnostics, Leadership Coaching Instructional Design, Group Facilitation and Training Design & Delivery.

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