PMiA July – Defining requirements that deliver


Defining what you client or your business requires increases the chances of the solution delivering what is really needed.

How do you ensure you deliver all your client’s requirements? Not just the product or service, but the complete solution.

Not just the what, but the who, when where and how. By capturing all their requirements.

  • Your accounting/finance system isn’t meeting your needs and you need to change it.; or
  • You need a better system to manage your customers; or
  • You need to purchase a new phone system; or
  • You want to deliver a new product or service to your clients.
  • How do you ensure the solution delivers all you require?

Capturing all your (and your stakeholders) requirements is key. But how do you do this effectively?

During this session, we will explore tools and techniques you can use to:

  • Specify and document business requirements for your next major purchase.
  • Help your clients define what they really need from your business.

You can only get the solution your business needs if you are clear on your requirements.

You can only truly deliver your clients’ needs when you understand what they require.


Guest Speakers: Steve & Susan Owens

Steve and Susan have been working on major IT, business change and business transformation projects for… well, way too long. In 2015, they moved to Albury from Sydney and started E2E The Change Agency. They work with local organisations managing various business initiatives.

Steve is an Agile Scrum Master. He brings Agile tools and techniques to specifying business requirements. He has been Project Director and Project Manager for major business projects across a variety of business types.

Susan has a MBA, Organisational Change Management and Project Management qualifications. She works with project teams, IT teams, production staff, customers and vendors to achieve alignment for project success. On many projects, Susan has managed the business / vendors relationships, ensuring the vendor delivers what the business requires.

Date: July 29th 2019
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: ANCC ChamberHub
Register: Click here